1992 Dodge Caravan LE

This 1992 Dodge Caravan LE is part of the owner’s personal vehicle collection. An “eclectic” collection is not given such a descriptive term simply because the collection is comprised of different marques, it’s because the collection embodies a variety of vehicles originally built for different purposes! The Dodge Caravan was created as a people-mover, something wholly utilitarian for getting a cohort of people from Point A to Point B; it was well appointed to make the trip comfortable, that was it.

When I first acquired the “RadVan,” as it has been affectionately named, many of my peers were perplexed, but after taking them out for a ride, they understood why I acquired it. Cars/vans/trucks no matter what it is you’re driving in, the hobby is about creating memories with the ones around you. Putting six of my best buds into the RadVan and going on a trip is something we will always remember. Having a utilitarian vehicle in your collection is something I certainly implore you to consider!

Now, more on this incredibly cool van… The RadVan is in phenomenal near-original condition having covered only 36,000 miles so far. It features a 3.0-litre OHC V6 and is matted to a three-speed automatic transmission, power is driven to the front wheels. There were multiple combinations of the Dodge Caravan in 1992 including the ES, LE and SE available for the long-wheel-base Grand Caravan or short-wheel-base Caravan. Additional options were endless in 1992 ranging from wood paneling to wire wheels to an all-wheel-drive system, a turbocharged 4-cylinder, to a manual transmission and even a sun-visor mounted cellphone called the “Visorphone!” There we multiple stereo options as well, the RadVan is outfitted with Chrysler’s Infinity I Sound System and it still sounds spectacular!

Andy is the third owner, with the first owner having it from 1992 until 2018. As the story goes, it was originally purchased by a single woman in her mid-60s, she had no kids and no relatives, why she wanted a minivan will never be known, but her astute care has wonderfully preserved the van! In early 2018 the woman sold it to gentleman who intended to use it as a work truck, but after much consideration he soon sought out a collector who would preserve the originality. Andy was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. The first time he saw the RadVan, it stole his attention. Andy was immediately enthused by the excellent color combination, Teal Pearl Coat over grey cladding with red pinstriping made for the most aesthetically pleasing van he ever saw! Great exterior colors combined with the optional seven-passenger Quad Command bucket seat package in Medium Quartz with red and black vertical striping makes this van very, very rad! The RadVan is regularly driven and has been on multiple driving tours and a few other fun road trips.