1992 Nissan Gloria

This 1992 Nissan Gloria Brougham is part of the owner’s personal vehicle collection. One of the longest running models of the Nissan Motor Company, formally Prince, the Gloria was in production from 1959 to 2004 and was never sold in North America. This 1992 Gloria is part of the Ninth Generation, noted as “Y32.”

The Gloria line-up had many different sub-models to it that featured different powertrain and interior amenities. This particular Gloria is a Brougham model, a higher tier, but not the top! The interior of the Brougham model offers plush seats covered in factory original lace; the “Gloria Bird” is sewn into the middle of each seat’s lacing. Another subtle detail of the Gloria’s interior is only revealed at night; when the driving lights are on, ambient interior lights illuminate under the seats and on the B and C pillars.

On the exterior of the car, an immediately noticeable feature is the front aerial marker on the passenger-side (traditional driver side in the US) to assist the driver in parking. It raises and lowers at the switch of a button and illuminates at night! Overall, the styling of the Gloria is quite subtle, as it was designed as a luxury sedan, but the small spoiler at the rear is a hint there may be some performance to offer!

Powering this Gloria is a turbocharged V6 that sends all power directly to the rear wheels. A 5-speed automatic handles the shifting, but with an optional sport-mode and valve-actuated exhaust, this luxury sedan really screams under full throttle.

Andy sought out this particular Gloria for its wonderful condition and single ownership history. The Gloria is completely stock and has traveled just over 6,000 miles since new. In the future, Andy plans to take the Gloria to shows throughout the Midwest as it’s likely the cleanest and lowest mileage Gloria in North America. He also looks forward to entertaining people when they ride along with him, switching the temperament of this luxury/sport sedan with the flick of a switch and the stomp of his right foot!