1990 Nissan Silvia S13

This 1990 Nissan Silvia is part of the owner’s personal vehicle collection. A true one-of-a-kind Japanese tuner, this S13 Silvia was fully customized in Japan before being imported in the United States. This right-hand-drive car was originally painted black and powered by a CA18DET 4-cylinder, this S13 has been upgraded with parts from the following generation Silvias, the S14 and S15, as well as the R32 GT-R. Most noticeably, the S13 wears a Rocket Bunny V1 Aero kit, complete with ducktail spoiler. The aggressive lines of this kit are accentuated further by the repaint in red.

Setup for drifting, the S13 wears 18” Volk TE37s with slight camber at the front and rear for better grip when the tail end kicks. This car is all about looking good when going sideways. Complementing the footwork are coilovers on all four corners and R32 GT-R front brake calipers and rotors. Sliding in style is made possible by a transplanted SR20DET out of an S14 Nissan Silvia.

Further mechanical upgrades include a larger aftermarket turbo, turbo manifold, down pipe, exhaust and intercooler. During the build, the interior was also modified to reflect the unapologetic mashup of Silvia generations; the original dashboard was taken out and an S15 Silvia dashboard, center console and seats were installed.

The S13 is frequently driven to carshows in the Milwaukee area with aspirations to attend shows further into the Midwest. While the car is already a blast to drive, there are possibilities for further modifications. The S13 Silvia was sold as a either a coupe or hatchback, but unlike the “S13” in Japan, the US market cars were designated the “240sx” and the European market cars were branded the “200sx;” the nomenclature for the S13 worldwide is very confusing!